Hello Potential Moselele People.

January 4, 2017 | Posted in Meeting | By

Last year we put up this post for people that were thinking about coming along to Moselele. As Christmas has come and gone we always pick up a few people that have ended up with a ukulele over Christmas.

I won’t bother going through everything I put in the last post. It’s all still true. Well we do have seven books now rather than six books, that bit changed.

Anyway, don’t be nervous about coming along. Most people are friendly and we can find someone who will let you share a songbook. Or bring a tablet with the books on. That’s a full on 2017 solution to not printing out hundreds of pages.

We start at 8 and it does get busy quickly. We’ve never turned anyone away yet so we will find room for you.

See you on Thursday.

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Christmas Sing-a-long 2014

December 17, 2014 | Posted in Meeting | By

snowselele_posterOn Monday 22nd we’ll be hosting our world famous Christmas sing-a-long (world famous across the B13 post code). If you’ve not been to this then you should do, it’s the very start of Christmas.

This will be our 4th Christmas sing-a-long and every year it has got bigger and bigger.  Basically we just sit in the heated beer garden of the Prince of Wales and play Christmas songs and get all of you to join. If you don’t know the words then we supply them and then it just goes on from there. Fair enough, on the face of it that does sound a bit rubbish but it;s a Christmas experience like no other.

If you want to get a headstart and practice your singing you can find a copy of the all the words here www.moselele.net

This all kicks off at 8:00pm and goes on until the pub closes. Try and get there early as we’ve literally hundreds of people turn up in past years.

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Moselele this Thursday (19th June)

June 16, 2014 | Posted in Meeting, Uncategorized | By

Due to the clash with the Uruguay v England game I’ve agreed with The Prince to cancel Moselele this week. They need the room and it was going to be a very low turn out.

So please tell anyone you know that might not have quite grasped the Internet yet.

See you in July when we’ve already got three Thursdays booked in (we have an extra one for the sing-a-long in the Moseley Festival).



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Moselele Sing-A-Long

July 15, 2013 | Posted in Gig, Meeting, Other | By

moselele-sing-a-longWe’re still in Moseley Festival so this Thursday (the 18th) we’ll be hosting our world famous sing-a-long at The Prince of Wales.

We really like playing a vast range of songs and we realise that it’s much more fun taking part than watching us. That means we want you to come along and help us sing for three hours.

It’s a bit like the blitz, except no bombs and no songs about the war. We’ve carefully selected a ranged of songs that are perfectly suited to being yelled at the top of your voice. You know when you go along to karaoke and you’ve always wanted to sing Total Eclipse of the Heart but didn’t want to look an idiot? Well come to the Prince and we’ll all look like idiots at the same time.

We’ll provide all the words for you, so if you’re  not overly familiar with our peculiar fascination with 80s pop and soft rock ballads you can just read along lustily. To be honest that’s exactly what  we’ll be doing.

We’ll be starting at 8:00pm and we’ll just carry on until they make us stop.

Special treats we have in store include:-

  • Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams
  • London Calling – The Clash
  • Africa – Toto
  • Psycho Killer – Talking Heads
  • Sweet Child O’Mine – Guns ‘N Roses
  • Back for Good – Take That
  • Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
  • All Night Long – Lionel Richie
  • Here We Go Again – Whitesnake
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler
  • Mr Brightside – The Killers
  • Mr Blue Sky – ELO


Doesn’t that sound basically awesome?


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We’re Three

March 31, 2013 | Posted in Meeting | By

moselele-logo-3rd_BirthdayWhen we all got together for our first meeting in the Moseley CDT, drinking tea and eating biscuits I bet none of us thought this would all still be going three years later. Well it is still going and seems to show no signs of stopping.

This Thursday we hope you can come and join us to have a special evening playing all those songs that have meant a lot to us over the years. Be it songs that people told  us we could never play in front of other people, or even songs none of us thought we’d ever be able to play.

We’ve put together a list of all the most important songs and we’re going to try and get through all of them. 

It seems that in the last three years we’ve learned about 200 songs, we’ve played more gigs than seemed advisable and, most importantly we’ve met a ridiculous amount of really nice people.

Thanks  to everyone who has ever come along and hopefully we’ll see you on Thursday.

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Happy New Year

January 14, 2013 | Posted in Meeting, Songbook | By

I know it seems like only last week that everyone got over wishing you happy new year, but one more won’t hurt will it?

2012 turned out to be a really good year for us. Besides our usual meetings every other Thursday (I know they’re not really every other Thursday when months are particularly fat) we got to play in loads of different places.

We managed to do loads more gigs than we expected last year and it is down to the patience of the people that turn up to each meeting that give up their free time that means we  still seem to be getting away with it.

We’re really looking forward to 2013, we’ve got a new songbook coming in the next couple of weeks but we’ve also overhauled songbooks 2 and 3 to try and sort out the odd errors that were in them. In songbook 3’s case there were quite a few.

You can download the complete new Songbook 2 here. If you already have Songbook 2 and just want the pages that have changed, you can download the Songbook 2 change document here.

You can download the complete new Songbook 3 here. If you already have Songbook 2 and just want the pages that have changed, you can download the Songbook 3 change document here.

Hopefully the change documents will stop people having to print out so many pages. You obviously don’t need to print these out but if you don’t you’ll be playing different versions of some songs to other people.

We hope to have the new songbook ready for you in February.

We are going to be meeting on Thursday at 8:00pm in the Prince of Wales so hopefully we will see you there.

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October 27, 2012 | Posted in Meeting, Songbook | By

Next Thursday (1st November) will be a special meeting because it is the one week a year where we break out the Spookelele songbook. All manner of scary songs (well vague references to the paranormal).

The book has been updated since last year. It has another nine songs in. So it might be an idea to listen to the Spookelele playlist to make sure you’re familiar with most of them.

There will also be sweets and scary ghost costumes.


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August 23, 2012 | Posted in Gig, Meeting | By

As we leave August behind us and say goodbye to what little Summer we had I thought it would be worth letting you know all the things we have coming up in September. There are quite a few of them.

On the 9th of September we will be doing two sets as part of Artsfest. We will be playing at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery at 1:30pm and in Brindley Place at 3:30pm. We’re hoping to do quite different sets so there is no reason to not come to both of them (I’m not sure if that double negative makes any sense).

We will be doing our normal Thursday at the Prince, from 8:00pm, on the 6th and 20th, as always, feel free to come and join us.

We’ll also be playing at the Moseley Community Games which have been rearranged for the 22nd September. We’re not sure what time we’re playing but why not come down to the park for the whole thing?

It is also the Moseley Folk Festival on the 31st August. It’s a great weekend and many of us will be going but contrary to what we might have told you previously we are not playing.

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August 13, 2012 | Posted in Meeting | By

We are meeting this Thursday(16th August) as normal. We’d like to get some of the songs that haven’t been properly done yet finished. Have a look at the videos below so you have a rough idea how they go. You don’t have to learn them in time for Thursday, just listen to them.

You might notice that the dates on the right hand side are looking a bit strange. We have been using Live Brum to feed dates to the site but it’s changed the way it works. I’m not sure the change has been for the better but I’ll look at how we can make sure the dates are correct.

Just try and remember that it is always the first and third Thursday of the month.

Keeping up to date with things is much easier if you join the Facebook group, I know Facebook is evil but it seems to work for us.

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Nuts in May

May 14, 2012 | Posted in Meeting | By

We’ve got a lot to tell you before the meeting on Thursday.

The main thing is that we’ve now got a shop, can you see the link at the top? This is the best and only place to buy Moselele related merchandise. We’ve quite a nonsensical range of stuff for your consumption.

We’re also getting ready for what looks like it will be a very busy bank holiday weekend. On the 3rd June it is the Diamond (is that right?) Jubilee which will include a number of street parties in the Moseley and Kings Heath area. We’ve been asked to play at a few of these, we’ve insisted we play at a few more.

Over the day it looks like we’re going to play at five parties in all. If you want to come and play then sign up on the Facebook group or let me know through this site. There are no restrictions on ability so don’t think you’re not good enough.

Other than that we’ll be in the Prince of Wales from 8:00pm.


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