Songbook Four CoverWe’re really please to be able to say that we have finally finished making Songbook Number 4. We’ve made a bit of an effort with this one to try and make it much easier than the last few books.

Make sure you download a copy as we will be concentrating on songs from it for the next few meetings. There are quite likely to be a number of songs that you will not have heard of before. You can listen to them on the Spotify playlist that we’ve made for this book,  or all of the songs are contained in the Youtube playlist embedded below.

Many people have helped with putting this together, through either suggesting songs, working them out or testing that we’ve got them mostly right. A big thanks to everyone that’s helped. It’s taken a few months but we did get there in the end. There are some really fun songs in here so we hope you enjoy them as much as we have done.