This is the home of Moselele, the second best ukulele group in Birmingham.

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Introducing the Moselele Electro Bambookulele

Everyone kept asking us whether we would ever make one of our Bambookuleles with a pickup in it. We thought about it for a bit and decided that if there really was an appetite for that then why shouldn’t we


Christmas Sing-a-long 2014

On Monday 22nd we’ll be hosting our world famous Christmas sing-a-long (world famous across the B13 post code). If you’ve not been to this then you should do, it’s the very start of Christmas. This will be our 4th Christmas


Buzzards Field Basses

We were at the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival a few weeks ago (we might have mentioned it). Whilst we were there we met Darren from Buzzards Field Basses and we were massively impressed. If you’re looking to buy a bass uke