What is Moselele? When is it?

Moselele is the second best ukulele group in the whole of Moseley. On the first and third Thursdays of every month we cram into the shed in the beer garden of the Prince of Wales and attempt to play a range of eclectic songs on ukuleles.

That’s about it, really. It’s not a lesson, it’s not a gig, it’s just a bunch of people playing everything from The Kinks to The Killers, on ukuleles, in a shed. And it’s massively good fun.

Everybody’s welcome – as long as you’re willing to have a go.

I’m a beginner – can I come to Moselele?

Of course you can! We welcome players of all levels.

The first thing to do is to print out the songbooks, or download them onto a tablet, and have a little go at playing the easier songs.

It helps if you can practise strumming and get used to reading the chord tabs before your first visit, but don’t worry about not being able to finger all the chords straight away. Our advice is to stick to C (which is a one-finger chord) at first, and just play that every time it comes around. It comes around a lot.

We don’t give lessons, but at Moselele you can ask daft questions and watch how other people play, which we think is the best way to learn.

I don’t want to play. Can I come and watch?

Sorry, but Moselele is a participation-only event. The room we play in is small, so if people come in and don’t play, it means someone who does want to play will be out of a seat.

Playing is a lot more fun than watching, anyway, so why not have a go? You might surprise yourself.

What will I need to bring? How much is it?

Moselele is free to join – you just need to bring your uke and copies of the songbooks. Oh, and bring some money for drinks – the Prince of Wales is lovely enough to give us the room for free because we keep their bar busy.

(If you don’t have a ukulele, there are sometimes a couple of spares at each meeting but it’s a good idea to contact us first so we can make sure we have one for you, there’s a form below that will send us an email.)

We should warn you that the shed at the Prince does get very crowded when there are 40 people in it strumming tiny instruments, so be prepared to share your table with others. And it does get rather warm – especially in the summer – so leave your woolly jumper at home. It’s handy if you have music stand as there tends to be limited table space, so we can get more people in.

How do I pronounce Moselele?

We’re from Moseley in Birmingham so that should give you a clue if you know how that is pronounced. If not then Moh-Zuh-Lay-Lee.

What sort of songs do you play?

We really try and avoid the sort of songs that most Ukulele groups play. We play songs we like to listen to and believe there is no song that we can’t get to work. We do not play songs like Rawhide and Bring Me Sunshine and we have nothing to do with George Formby.

I’ve got a guitar/banjo/mandolin/lute/penny whistle/any other instrument – can I bring that to play instead?

Actually we’re a bit more flexible about this than we used to be. You can come along with other instruments but there are a few rules. If you have an instrument that’s louder than a  ukulele you need to be able to play it and you need to be able to play the songs in our books (rather than your own interpretations). We’re interested in things that can broaden our sound. If you do want to bring another instrument along check with us first.

Can I really buy a Ukulele off of you?

Yes, we make our own range of Ukuleles out of Bamboo. They’re very good, you should buy one.