Ukuleles: no longer available

Please note: we no longer manufacture or sell ukuleles.

We’ve kept this page up for posterity because we are proud of the Moselele Bambookulele legacy. However, we have not had any in stock since 2017 and do not have any plans to start making them again.

Thanks to everyone who purchased a Moselele ukulele over the years and told us how much they loved them. We enjoyed meeting you at festivals and at our group in Birmingham,  and we hope your uke will continue to give you joy for many years to come.

Introducing the Moselele Bambookuleles.

Our ukuleles are based on the principle, that a good ukulele shouldn’t cost too much. We know that people coming along to groups like ours are tempted by the cheaper end of the ukulele range but often get frustrated by the quality of the sound and the ability to stay in tune.

We recognised that that buying your first decent ukulele can be quite confusing due to the sheer number of different manufacturers.

We decided that we wanted to create our own ukulele that wouldn’t break the bank but fulfilled the basic things we look for an instrument. This means that if you buy a Bambookulele you get:-

  • An instrument made from a sustainable wood
  • Geared machine heads to keep it in tune
  • Strap buttons to hang a strap off
  • A quality finish that  you wouldn’t normally find in this price range
  • Rosewood finger board
  • Mahogany neck

Moselele Bambookuleles come in three sizes, Tenor, Concert and Soprano. We also have gig bags to keep your Ukulele free from damage, we’ll throw one of these in with the Electro uke..

You don’t have to take our word for the quality, you can read a review on, this is a review of the original Bambookulele.

This is what the original looks like.