“Meet Moselele” is back. Oh, come on, it’s only been THREE YEARS since the last one! (…Almost to the day. That’s weird.)

For the Meet Moselele comeback gig, we’re going back to our roots with another founder member. It’s Fi-Fi!

1) Tell us how you started playing the ukulele. (How long ago? Did you play other instruments before?)

I was a guitar player first and foremost but I didn’t like the pressure of performing. One day in 2008, I went to Ukulele Wednesday in London and IT WAS AWESOME! I was bowled over by the camaraderie of singing along in a sweaty basement with a bunch of pseudo rock star strangers united around this tiny instrument. When Daz said he was setting up a group in Brum, I went online and bought a uke.

2) What uke(s) do you play? (Have you made any adjustments/personalised it? Do you use a plectrum?)

A Stagg concert uke, cost £65. I now also have a Moselele Bambookelele soprano. I’ve stickered the crap out of the Stagg but, to my shame, never changed the strings – I hate changing strings. I have strings waiting to go on. It’s been a couple of years since I bought them. The Stagg sounds so bad right now.

3) Do you remember your first Moselele? (What prompted you to come along? What were your first impressions?)

Of course! It was the very first one at Moseley Exchange. There were bright lights, work seats and I don’t think we got through to the end of any songs except Eight Days A Week. We went to the pub after. It wasn’t long before we learnt to combine uke and drinking.

The first ever Moselele, at the Moseley Exchange. Photos by Fiona; dodgy stitching-together of photos by Emma.

4) What keeps you coming back to Moselele?

It’s better than sex*. There’s your strapline.
*It’s not.

5) What’s your favourite Moselele song?

It’s not yet been done – Fantastic Day by Haircut 100. Book 9?

Otherwise I like: This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both of Us, If You leave me now, Reward, Rentaghost, Geno, Make Me Smile, Thriller, Backdoor Santa (if we could get it right), all the disco tracks, Merry Christmas Everybody.

And the bride wore… a ukulele

Oh and as Moselele played a singalong gig at my wedding, A Little Respect is now our ‘first dance’ song because basically we forgot that bit.

6) What’s your usual Moselele tipple?

Pinot Grigio Rosé – large.

7) Do you practise at home? (What do your family/housemates/pets think?)

The rabbits are astounded – they are prey animals so they respond well to challenging environments.

8) What’s your favourite Moselele story/memory (so far)?

The one where we played a gig at Acorns. It was very emoshe because of my mum’s connections as founder of the hospice shops. I blogged it. It’s mostly remembered by others for a horrific lyrical gaffe.

Also when Ian murdered the ‘Ooh the rains’ line in Africa. I still laugh (and miss) that.

9) What would you say to anyone thinking of joining?

Get there early if you want a seat with a back.

10) Tell us a secret.

I was forced to grab a moob at last week’s session. Naming no names.


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