uke_and_bag_saleWe  were supposed to be at the Grand Southern Ukulele Festival this weekend but unfortunately they won’t be having stalls at their first event.

[Edit]I’ve been informed that GSUF will have stalls after all and we have one if we can get there, I’m not sure we can at this short notice.[/Edit]

Either way we’ve still got a load of ukuleles we’d bought and we’ll still sell them to you at festival prices direct to your home.

We had also got a uke put aside for the customary ukulele raffle, it seems a shame not to use it so one of you can have a Soprano Ukulele with gig  bag for absolutely nothing.

All you need to do is share our post on Facebook and then we’ll be able to put your name in the draw. If you look at the number of people that read our Facebook page you’ll realise your chances of winning this are very high indeed, this isn’t the lottery.

buttonOn our shop page you’ll see we’ve knocked off quite a few quid off ukes and gig bags. Where else can you get a uke like this, delivered free, for £55? Nowhere that’s where.

But also a big apology to all the people that had got in touch about trying ukes out at GSUF, we’re sorry that won’t happen. We were looking forward to meeting you and all the other people that had previously bought ukes off us. We’ve never quite understood it but the Portsmouth and Southampton area is easily the part of the UK that buys the most Ukuleles from us.