steve_harleyThe song is (surprisingly) 40 years old (released 1975) and its popularity has endured, it has a great ‘good time’ feel to it, despite its origins.

It was written in response to 3 members of the band walking out on Steve Harley in a dispute over writing songs for a 3rd album, only the drummer ‘staying put’. Harley was upset at what he thought was the ruining of a great working band (for only metal, what a bore)

Playing it with Moselele is fun, the quirky introduction and the few quite long pauses in the song are unusual in a pop song, but everyone seems to know instinctively how long the pauses are to be. (even when they are sometimes extended!) It is a song that I feel Moselele does superbly, and an audience really enjoys.

The timings and arrangements just work, some of the band singing the backing vocals without any sense of being assigned to the role, and it always finishes spot on, it is such a great song to play I always feel I could go on for a few verses more.


You can have a go at playing this yourself by looking at the chords or you can listen to us destroy it via Soundcloud