oxjamWe’re really pleased that we’re going to be playing at Oxjam Brum on Saturday (15th). This is a great festival. Oxjam take over venues all over Birmingham and for a couple of quid you can get into all of them and see any bands that are on.

We’re playing at two venues. We’ll be on at Brewdog at 3:15 pm, their first band of the day, and Cherry Reds (the City Centre one) at 9:00pm. At Cherry Reds we’re on just before the Dirty Old Folkers who are easily one of Birmingham’s most entertaining bands.

If you’re about then you should come along, there are over 70 bands taking part this year.

Oh, and all the money raised goes to Oxfam.

You can see times for all the bands and their times on this page. See you on Saturday.