spooky_kittenIt’s the scariest time of  the year. That means we all get to dress up and stand in a pub beer garden whilst you all shout at us.

Yes, it’s the Spookelele Sing-a-long on Thursday. We did this last year and it was a great night. Not quite the out of control mayhem of Christmas but a chance to sing some classic Halloween songs and some songs that have only the most tenuous connection with Halloween. To be honest there aren’t that many good Halloween songs so we quickly just get back to singing fun songs whilst dressed up.

You can let everyone you know that you’re going by clicking on the Prince of Wales’ Facebook event. Or you can just turn up. We’re starting at 9pm but if you get there a bit earlier you might end up with a seat.

It follows the same old pattern that all our sing-a-longs do, we start off and then just leave it to you to sing-a-long. There will be some printed copies of the words but one of the things we noticed over the years is that it gets a bit dark at night. That helps the spooky atmosphere but doesn’t help the ability to read the words. So you can access to the book of words if you go to www.moselele.net on your preferred electronic device.

You don’t have to dress up but we’d really appreciate if you did.