I know, I know, it’s been over a month since I insisted everyone should fill out Meet Moselele questionnaires, then only published one. But I didn’t want to get in the way of gig announcements and singalongs and all the rest of it. I hear you’re all dying to know what goes on in the heads of your fellow players, though, so I’m sneaking one in.

And today, it’s Peter H. Check out the completely seasonally appropriate photo, by the way (I think the H stands for “hhholidays are comin’, holidays are comin’…”)

Take it away, Pete!

1) Tell us how you started playing the ukulele. (How long ago? Did you play other instruments before?)

I only started in January. My sons bought me a ukulele for Christmas as I kept saying that I wanted to learn but never seemed to get round to it.

2) What uke(s) do you play? (Have you made any adjustments/personalised it? Do you use a plectrum?)

Mine is made by Pure Tone but I get ukulele envy with some that are in the group, especially the bass uke.

3) Do you remember your first Moselele? (What prompted you to come along? What were your first impressions?)

I found you on tinternet and sent Daz a message, who said just come along. My first meeting I found everyone really welcoming and helpful and friendly.

4) What keeps you coming back to Moselele?

I want to learn and enjoy the songs in the songbooks.

5) What’s your favourite Moselele song?

Geno. [GE-NO! GE-NO! GE-NO! GE-NO! —Ed]   First time I heard it at group, with the kazoos, was brilliant.

6) What’s your usual Moselele tipple?

Titanic plum porter

7) Do you practise at home? (What do your family/housemates/pets think?)

I practise at home in the conservatory, usually while the soaps are on.

8) What’s your favourite Moselele story/memory (so far)?

First time we played Copacabana I was really struggling… then looked up to see 4 or 5 other people in the same position.

[UPDATE: as of June…] my new favourite moment was the summer singalong. Never done anything like that before, what a great night. [I told you I’d been sitting on these answers for too long! — Ed]

9) What would you say to anyone thinking of joining?

Jump in with both feet!

10) Tell us a secret.

We’ve just adopted a rescue chihuahua.

Altogether now, aahhhh! If you’d like to fill in a Meet Moselele questionnaire, there’s a Word doc you can download and fill in on the Moselele Facebook group. Or just email emma@editorialgirl.co.uk and I’ll send you one.
(And no, you don’t have to have been coming for years to consider yourself a regular. I generally think of “the regulars” as anyone who’s turned up more than once, and plans to come again…!)

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