Moseley Festival starts today, no, not the Folk Festival and no, not the Jazz Festival. We have lots of festivals. This is the Moseley one, there are loads of different things going on across the week and we’re involved in a few of them.

Tomorrow (1st July) we’ll be playing at the Street Fair at 2pm. This will be the sixth consecutive year we’ve played at the Street Fair. We even have a few new songs.

On Thursday (6th July) it’s our legendary Summer sing-a-long in the beer garden of the The Prince of Wales. If you’ve not been along to this then you should do. We invite everyone to come along and sing songs with us. We give you the words so you know what you’re singing. They are all really obvious songs so you probably know the words already. There will be some free printed versions but you can also read the words on your phone by going to

This sounds like an odd thing but it is great. It sometimes gets a bit busy so get there early if you want a seat. We start at 8.

Hopefully, we will see you over the next week.