We’ve got news.

From 1st September 2022, Moselele will be moving to the Station.

We were really pleased when Darren from the Station stepped up and offered us a new home. The Station is a proper community pub and there aren’t many of those about. It’s also the closest pub to our house.

That means the last session at the Prince will be on 18th August. We’re planning something a bit special for that night, so if you’ve ever been to Moselele to play with us, we’d really like it if you could come and help us say goodbye and thank you.

There follows a short FAQ.

Can you help me? I fear change.

Please, do not be afraid. Moselele will continue to be on the first and third Thursday of every month. The only thing that’s changing is the venue.

Why are we leaving the Prince?

The Prince have given us ten (or is it eleven?) really good years and have helped us do some really memorable things, helping us to solidify our place as a key Moseley institution.

However, Keith, the current leasee, will be leaving the Prince at the end of August and we don’t have any information about what’s happening after that. Even if a new manager/leasee is interested in inheriting a ukulele group, the shed doesn’t have any walls, and that’s going to get chilly in a couple of months.

Will we have to change the name to KingsHeathalele?

No. We are planning on moving the boundary. Daz has a little over a month to get the Station, Valentine Road and environs incorporated into the B13 postcode. If you own a house around there, he reckons you’re in a for a massive, if theoretical, windfall.

How do we get to the Station?

The Station is at the Moseley end of Kings Heath High Street (A435), opposite The Gym. The post code is (currently) B14 7BB.

Like the Prince, the Station is on the 50 and 35 bus routes – and, if the new train stations ever open, it will also be on the Camp Hill line from Hereford via Bromsgrove and Kings Norton.

Will I be able to park?

There are lots of on-street spaces on the main road directly outside the pub, and further up the High Street (no restrictions after 7pm). If none of those are available, try Valentine Road or Ashfield Ave, round the corner.

There are more details and further options on this Enjoy Kings Heath page.

Will we be in a separate room?

Yes. The Station has a lovely, comfortable function room at the back, which has recently been renovated and will easily fit us all in. As you go into the pub, turn right and go down the corridor, then up a few steps. I would say ‘follow the signs’, but I can’t guarantee I’ll get round to making any.

Will I have to print the books?

Get a bloody tablet, Ian.