We’ve got news. Or we had news and I forgot to put it on the website.

From the 2nd May we have moved back to the Prince of Wales.

It was really good of the Station to host us for 18 months but we are Moselele and we feel like we belong in the Prince of Wales.

There follows a short FAQ because I’m copying the post that we made when we moved to the Station and that had a FAQ.

Can you help me? I fear change.

Please, do not be afraid. Moselele will continue to be on the first and third Thursday of every month. The only thing that’s changing is the venue.

Why are we going back to the Prince?

We’ve noticed a drop off in people recently so think this is the time to try and relaunch Moselele back in its spiritual home. We had a nice big room in the Station but it was hard to get people to play together. It was quite easy for people to find corners to hide in and that meant it didn’t really feel anywhere near as energetic as it used to.

Will we be back in the room outside?

No. The room we used to use doesn’t have any walls and we would need to finish at 10 in order to not annoy the neighbours. We’ll be in the nice wood panelled room by the bar.

Is there enough room?

It’s going to be squashed. Very squashed. You won’t find a nice table to put your tablet on so you might need to share or use a stand. This is where we started out at the Prince and it gets very warm. Don’t wear a jumper.

Will I have to print the books?

If you want. I honestly don’t care. I think it would be foolish