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We’re really pleased to announce our 11th book of songs. Eleven book, that’s quite amazing isn’t it? Every year we think that all the songs are done now and there is no way we can make a new book but every year we seem find yet more ridiculous contributions to the world of songs played on tiny guitars.

This year we’ve worked out 50 songs for you. This takes our total songs to around 550. You can access all of the songs via our song database (including Book 11 songs).

You can download the Book from the Songbook 11 page.

We’ve also made a playlist of all of the songs so you can play along as you practice the songs. As always where ever possible we’ve tried to keep songs in their original key, just because that’s the way they were written.
That means that this year you are going to get a whole lot better at using barre chords. But that’s good isn’t it? It’s learning.