This is the home of Moselele, the second best ukulele group in Birmingham.

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Moselele Book 7

We’re pleased to say we’ve gone and completed our seventh book of songs. It’s got a really wide range of songs in, most you won’t find anywhere else. We know this because we tried to find them and they were


Valentine’s Gig

The 14th February is not only Valentines Day but it’s also the day that some UK famous ukulele people are coming to Birmingham. For one night only, at the Rose Villa Tavern, Mike Hind, Zoë Bestel and Feckless and Fuddle


Hello New People

It occurred to us that some of you might have come across our site having got a ukulele for Christmas and be thinking about joining us at The Prince of Wales, (our next meeting is on Thursday the 7th). We