This is the home of Moselele, the second best ukulele group in Birmingham.

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Buzzards Field Basses

We were at the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival a few weeks ago (we might have mentioned it). Whilst we were there we met Darren from Buzzards Field Basses and we were massively impressed. If you’re looking to buy a bass uke

Moselele at the Dentist

Tom’s been to the dentist today. He can’t really talk properly at the moment and we strongly suspect he is still a bit giddy from the anaesthetic. We asked him to sing us a song and he obliged. Quite why

Moselele Ukuleles

PLEASE JUST IGNORE THE POST BELOW. WE’RE BACK NOW AND YOU CAN BUY WHAT YOU WANT   Hi, If you’ve noticed that we seem to be out of stock of  Ukuleles on here, on Amazon and on Ebay that isn’t